Bento Yum

Japanese Lunch for Mommy and Toddler
Bento Yum is an adorable food blog about Bentos. Most of entries are composed by pretty images of Abigail’s Bentos and the what’s on them, with descriptions. There are also recipes, tips and information of where you can find Bento stuff. Not a fan of Japanese food? Don’t worry, there are Bentos prepared with food of other cuisines. (via BB-Blog)
By the way, if you live in São Paulo and get excited with the idea of created cute bento boxes too, go to the Liberdade (a Japanese neighbourhood): they have all this kind of things, including the delicious star-shaped senbei (salgadinho japonês de peixe) on the picture above. I know, I bought a package of them last time I was there.
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  1. Eva says:

    My favorite bento blog is Lunch in a Box ( So many tips to make bentos quickly, and I think the blog author is fluent in Japanese and makes bentos for her toddler and family.

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