Won Park Origami

Dollar kois by Won Park

Wikipedia says:

Paper money from various countries are also popular to create origami with, called “Moneygami”. It is common to create the figure depicted on the note itself.

But the first time I heard about Money Origami I had no idea this was an origami style. My curiosity about that origami style was one more time awaken by the American artist Won Park, aka “orudorumagi11” at DevianArt, “a dollar bill folder” with a huge talent. He makes marvellous tiny creations with money.

His dollar animals are two times incredible: they are very well done and they are folded with a single dollar bill “with no cuts, no glue, and no tape.” To share his love for money origami, Park also created a group moneyfolders unite. Now I want a dollar bill and the instructions to fold this butterfly. (via Notcot)

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