The Sexy Side of PEZ

PEZgirl by Gerhard Brause
The image of PEZ to me is related to something cheerful, funny, almost puerile. I’m glad someone removed those images from my mind, surprising me with The Sexy Side of PEZ. This side of PEZ uses sex to sell it to adults, as a lot of other stuff we know, using images of pin-ups. Or I must say, it used. Oh, what a pity.
The PEZgirls were a creation of Edward Haas to help to sell “new” flavourful candy with oil of peppermint to adults and smokers, because the oil of peppermint was considered a luxury item. Haas hired young and beautiful girls to sell his product. They were dressed in stylish trousers and grey jackets and attracted a lot of attention.
Between 1940’s and 1960’s PEZ commissioned many artists to create graphics for their print advertising and signage. The image of the PEZgirls changed from the girls with stylish clothes, to the pin-up illustrations with a beautiful smile, inspirad in the creations of the pin-up masters Vargas and Elvgren. The sexy PEZgirl above was a creation of Gerhard Brause, “The Michelangelo of the 50’s”. (Urban Retro Lifestyle)

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