The Online Paper Airplane Museum

F-117A Nighthawk Paper Airplane
Throw me the first paper ball who never built a paper plane. Folding paper airplanes in an A4 paper sheet is one of several artistic abilities I have, which also include drawing stickmen (“bonecos de pauzinho” in Portuguese) and very easy paper craft models. The Online Paper Airplane Museum gives me the chance to improve my incredible talent, with links to more than 810 airplane designs, links and list of books. From classic models with images step by step to complex cut and fold models. (via Make)
Sometimes, even images with step by step aren’t enough, and you want a video. That’s easier: a simple search at Google Video will return thousands of videos. The video below, called “The best paper airplane”, is one of the most popular videos and it’s also available in steps with pictures here.

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2 Responses to The Online Paper Airplane Museum

  1. The Google video reminds me of a plane I use to make without the tail. I used to fly it in 8th grade between to school buildings and it would fly in big 20 foot circles for a good minute! I’ll have to check out the other designs.
    Thanks for the posting!!

  2. Bibi says:

    My pleasure Mark. My planes were never good enough to fly that much, but they are pretty. I know that the “sticky” nose I liked wasn’t to good to make it fly, but I liked to make it. An it was the only model I knew.

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