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Speakerdog Paper Toys series 2!
Oh, what a lazy day is Sunday. I always heard that people love Sunday, but I never was a huge fan of it. It isn’t a productive day for me and it goes too fast. On Sundays I have a strange feeling that I’m late for everything, even it been the first day of the week. Strangely, it’s also one of those days I don’t know what to do and I feel lost if I don’t go out. Sunday turned into the day to go to a restaurant, or go to the cinema, or to an exhibition, or if I stay at home, it’s the day to read a (whole) book or be hypnotised by TV.
That’s why I love internet: you can stay at home in a grey Sunday and do something more productive. Try a new recipe, watch a feature film or a funny animation, play a silly game, answer all those boring e-mails, discover a new book to read, chat with distance friends, search for a new hobby or find some cool stuff to keep your hands busy. And that’s my point for this Sunday: keep your hands busy with the following links of papercraft. Check the printer and the scissors and go to them.
Walter Kitty
The little fellow above is Walter Kitty is a character from the book The Secret Life of Walter Kitty written by Barbara Jean Hicks. It was created by the writer and illustrator Dan Santat, who also illustrated the book and it’s perfect for all kind of cat person, even the allergic, in his works. (via Paper Forest)
For the group who prefers dogs, Ben The illustrator released a second series of Speakerdog Paper Toys. The series 2 was created by 21 wonderful illustrators, graphic designers and graffiti artists. Twenty one lovely models to empty your printer cartridges. BTW, the series 1 still available at Ben’s site. (via Urban Retro Lifestyle)
Furni meet Bigchief
The company Furni has a free cardboard cutout toy in limited edition to download: Furni meet Bigchief. The little paper dude is a collaboration between Milan design company BigChief Design and Furni. It’s a series limited to 5000 download, so be fast. Try also the BigChiefThe original to download.
The Flickr is Flickr Monkey is there to share super cute papercraft models. Choose a dog available in brown and red, a red, green or blue bird, and a He’s so cute on Flickr – Photo Sharing! available in five colours (orange, green, red, blue and purple). To thank Flickr Monkey for the toys, after print, cut and fold it (or them), submit the image to the group Flickr Monkey & Friends. I need a new printer to make a blue monkey to me.
Blue Flickr Monkey Bird
My last suggestion goes to the excellent French blog Agence eureka. It’s full of beautiful vintage images, from film magazines to illustrations of children’s books. If you have some time, make a deep search on the archives, where you will also find several of images of vintage toys to print, cut and play. Among those preciosities, the last one was a Maquette d’Epinal, a small circus to fold. But my favourite post of last times is about some lovely Japanese paperdolls, who points to three complete scanned cutout dressing books here, here and here.
Japanese Family Paperdoll Book

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