Suck My Bic

Suck My Bic
People have phases in life. I had a phase of destroy pencils biting them, until broken them. I stopped doing that moving to another bad habit: biting pens. I used to destroy the pen caps with an impressive speed, specially in test days. I don’t do that any more, because I rarely use pens and when I use them, there is not time enough to start bitting it.
Too bad! The brilliant French designer Clement Eloy developed what could it be the pen of my dreams: Suck My Bic – a pen that has a flavoured candy pen cap. Perfect! It should fill my needs for candy and pen bitting, and it fits and my pens, since I have several Bics on the table. Available in five different flavours, if it was in the marked and I was in the school, I would buy a box of it.
Enjoy to take a look at the other amusing creating of Clement Eloy, like mugs, tables, glasses and his famous Hotdoll, a love doll for dogs. (via Tastespotting)

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