Soviet Movie Posters: 1921-1973

Aelita (1924)
The Fakeproject Corporation of America presents a selection of Soviet Movie Posters from 1921-1973. Posters aren’t divided in categories or decades, as you mind expect. They all load in a single page, but it loads pretty fast. I’m never tired of saying how talented the Russians were (are?) in poster art. There are fabulous examples of artistic posters among the 194 posters available in a reasonable resolution. (via Plep)
PS.: the image above is the poster of the science fiction film Aelita, also known as Aelita: Queen of Mars, directed by Yakov Protazanov in 1924. Poster art by Izrail’ Davidovich Bograd.
More Russiand and Soviet posters: Museum of Russian Poster, Posters of the Russian Civil War, Old Russian Propaganda Posters and From Lebanon to Japan in Posters.
Update: watch Aelita (??????) at Videos with Bibi.

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