Monster Party

FFF2007 - Monster Party
The 2007 Fantasy Filmfest, a German festival of science fiction, horror and thriller films, has a delightful trailer: Monster Party. I’m a huge fan of the monsters of horror films, even the bad films, and this excellent stop-motion animation has (almost) all the classic characters. I chose the shoot of my favourite, Murnau’s Nosferatu.
The trailer was directed and edited by Frank Vogt, from MagnaMana. The animation was “realized by Juergen Kling, from Weirdoughmation, and by Susanna Jerger, helped by Christiane Rvmer and Daniela Smets.” Watch the video at Weirdoughmation, with Flash at Videocommunity or bellow. No fat clips has four options to download the video and some interesting bonus, specially for animatiors.

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2 Responses to Monster Party

  1. Andrea says:

    Adoro seu Blog! Adoro os posts sobre ilustrações e ilustradores! Pena que não leio nadica de inglês… Aí, só fico olhando… Mesmo assim é muito bom!

  2. Bibi says:

    Oi Andrea, que pena. Mas boa parte das coisas é facilmente traduzida por algum tradutor automático. Quanto às ilustrações, nem é preciso tradutor mesmo. 🙂

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