Michelangelo Antonioni: 1912 – 2007

Mr. Antonioni on a film set in the 1960s
Bergman yesterday and now Michelangelo Antonioni. What the hell is going on? If I believe in god, heaven and all those things I would say that God created a cinema studio in the sky and is hiring the best directors to do it. And off course they are European. Sigh. At least they had a good run. Aged 94, the director died The director died peacefully at home on Monday night, his wife, actress Enrica Fico, told La Repubblica newspaper.
My first Antonioni film was Blowup and I hated it. Wait, don’t be made at me, I was ten. I watched again many years after and recognize his genius. But it isn’t an easy film. I loved the way he played with the camera all over the film. I watched very few of his films after Blow Up and Story of a Love Affair is my favourite Antonioni, until now. Probably because I have a hidden passion for Italian neo-realistic films.
I know more about him and his films through books and films excerpts than for the films themselves. What shame! The best I can do in his homage is trying to find Red Desert to watch. For now, take a look at this collection of Antonioni’s films posters and watch the L’avventura‘s trailer.

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  1. catatau says:

    Olá, Você é brasileira? Encontrei o teu blog por acaso, mas muito bom! Semelhante a vários temas do Catatau, inclusive com referências de blogs como o Giornale Nuovo. Vi uns posts em português, aí pensei que seria…

  2. I love your blog. I have it bookmarked, keep posting!
    If you ever want to share, drop me a line…

  3. Eddiemuerte says:

    And don’t forget Antonioni’s much maligned ‘Zabriskie Point’…which captures not only a feeling and a time, but is one of the few films to show the Farmer John mural in East LA!
    Love your blog by the way…

  4. Sprinkles says:

    Hope you are ok! Sending cyber hugs your way!
    **{{BIG HUGS}}**

  5. Bibi says:

    Oi Catatau, sou brasileira sim. Dei uma olhada no seu blog e parece interessante. Vou olhar de novo depois. E muito obrigada pelo comentário!
    Hi Jean-Paul, thanks for the kind comment. 🙂
    Hi Eddiemuerte, thanks for the very kind comment and the tip. I will try to watch it. 😉
    Hi Sprinkles, I’m fine. I will try to go back tomorrow. Thanks for all the kind comments you did and the hug. [ ]

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