Manuel Sierra Posters

Calendario escolar. CGT (2006)
The Spanish artist Manolo Sierra shows his talent in several ways: in paintings, murals, serigraphs, engravings and posters. According to ladrilio, this is probably his most known side, because his posters have a bit of everything: drawing, colours, message, compromise, sensibility and painting.
Manolo Sierra did more than two thousand posters, and to homage his excellent work, ladrilio and valladolid web musica created a virtual exhibition: Manuel Sierra, carteles 1974-2007. It presents 10% of his works, with significant selection, just with his posters created between 1974 and 2007. The site is part of the book El combate del Centauro, published by Mata Digital de Valladolid, presented during Fair Book of Valladolid, during the 2007 spring to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the publisher, as the credits page says.
Mata Digital por Manolo Sierra
Exploring the site by area – art, events, advertising, associations and organizations, and posters of his own exhibitions – will give you a great perspective of his consistent work. The ladrilio has all the reasons to point to the colours, drawings and sensibility. His posters are cheerful and clearly pass their messages. And you know just a bit of Spanish, don’t leave the site before read the insightful article of the professor Enrique Gavilán about Manolo Sierra.
La Rondilla, nuestro barrio

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  1. Excellent post, Bibi, congratulations 😉

  2. disckreto says:

    thanks Bibi.
    but I have to tell you the first link (over the word paintings) is wrong,
    there´s an other painter called Manolo Sierra from Barcelona (that´s your first link).
    we tried to explain it the section “otras cosas”

  3. Bibi says:

    Oops! Ok, I’m going to fix it. Thanks for the links, the posters, the information and the comment. 🙂

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