Little Dolls

Little Dolls
Children should look like children. The Child Beauty Pageants are famous for show little girls looking like tiny version of women. No, worst, they are look like laminated versions of women, they look like little Barbies. They are creepy. Based on this scary universe, the French photographer Alan Delorme created his series of Litte Dolls.

His oeuvre is a caustic criticism of the use of children’s images. In particular of little girls, submitted to the advertising diktat making them objects of consumption useful to the laws of the market.
Inspired by the advertising aesthetic, the series Little Dolls, takes an ironic and worrying look at the identification by young girls with western female stereotypes, such as Barbie doll, which over the last 60 years has become its’ commercial icon.

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2 Responses to Little Dolls

  1. fernanda says:

    mini-mulheres dão muito medo mesmo. um horror ver mães e filhas (crianças) iguaizinhas andando. dá pena. a esperança é pensar que a menininha um dia vai crescer e se rebelar contra a mãe que a fez acreditar que em 2007 era lindo usar légui e botas de camurça!

  2. Bibi says:

    😀 Assim eu espero. O que me assusta mais é quando é a própria criança que quer imitar.

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