Kentucky Ventriloquism Museum Photos

Sometimes I’m not sure why I blog some things. This is a good example: Terror Tour 2007, an appropriate name, is a set on Flickr with photos of Kentuck Ventriloquism Museum. That’s the kind of place I won’t visit in any occasion, never, ever. The set contains creepy images of ventriloquist dolls and dummies, but this is a redundant information, since those “creatures” are always scary. (via ectoplasmosis)
That’s why I ask to myself why am I posting this. I’m probably trying to face my fears. Or I’m trying to scare my readers. If you don’t have any problem with those dummies, read also Ventriloquist Dummies and "Dead Of Night" and watch The Great Gabbo with Erich von Stroheim, at Videos with Bibi. It isn’t his best film, in my humble opinion, but it has Stroheim playing a ventriloquist going down into madness with his wooden dummy Otto.

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2 Responses to Kentucky Ventriloquism Museum Photos

  1. Sprinkles says:

    Yes, these are creepy but interesting. I love your blog and am so glad you’re back!

  2. Bibi says:

    Thank you Sprinkles! Are comments like your made me keep blogging.

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