Happy Friday Monster Cat Blogging

It’s Friday and it’s thirteen! I’m going to make my contributions to Friday Cat Blogging and some horror. I hope you enjoy.
Jaakko, a The Groovy Age of Horror (NSFW) contributer, posted about Biglie Humane (The Human Balls), a fumetti with giant children who likes to play with tiny, compared, humans. Cool, but not the best part. Those kids have a giant kitty that likes to play, as all the other cats. In the place of insects or toys, the cats play with those tiny humans. If you saw any time a cat playing, you are able to imagine the lovely (horror) scenes.
PS.: My condolences for you kitty Jakko. Take care.
SaruDama: The Vampire Cat of Nabeshima
The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire always celebrate the Fridays with an special Vampire Kitty Friday post. This Friday cookie jill gave to us a great cultural contribution from the Japanese folklore, telling to us about SaruDama: The Vampire Cat of Nabeshima.

Here’s a classic Japanese tale dating back to the Hizen daimyo of the Sengoku Era (1568-1615). It presents a Shinto perspective of the spiritual dimension of Nature itself, here depicted in the form of a large cat who not only consumes humans, but then supernaturally changes its form to become that human, after which it interacts and easily deceives everyone it encounters.

My last contribution to this Friday Cat Blogging is the remarkable image of the two angry – and cute – baby snow leopards at the Zoo Berlin, via The Pet Blog. Ten-week old snow leopards Lanak, left, and Askai hiss to photographers during their first appearance in the Berlin Zoo in Germany. And they are right about hiss to the photographers: flashes are annoying.

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    You’re Back! Thank God! I am so happy to see you posting again! I hope everything is alright! I am so happy you are back! *hugs*

  2. Bibi says:

    Almost everything is fine now Sprinkles. But thanks for your concern, it’s very kind of you. 🙂
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