Hand-crocheted HIV virus

Hand-crocheted HIV virus for charity
We are living in a “cutefication” era. Everything can be turn into something cute, even those we had naturally understand as bad. I’m talking about things like the super cute Giant microbes, the lovely Pee and Poo plush toys, and South Park‘s Mr. Hankey, the “Christmas Poo”. Maybe I shouldn’t had add Mr. Hanky, since South Park is hors concours. Anyway, I’m was trying to prove those kind of stuff don’t surprise us any more, on the opposite, they amuse us.
All this to introduce the pretty and coloured amigurumi-style hand-crocheted HIV virus by Le Petit Bijou Boutique. Those HIV virus, beyond being cute, they also don’t hurt anyone. In fact, they were made for a good cause:

33% of the sale price of this item ($3.00) will be donated to Blood:Water Mission, a non-profit organization with a goal to provide clean water and blood and to support health care facilities in the face of this crisis in Africa.

(via Notcot)

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