Doktor A

Poddy Puss aka Octo Poddy
The site of Doktor A is full of his fantastic creations: pretty paintings of little men with pointy hats, paintings and illustrations and cute (odd) little fellows called Poddies, dark sculptures of fairies, clowns and creatures, digital illustrations of aliens and bizarre characters, and fantastic toys.
Professor Whistlecraft’s astounding Incendiary Automaton
He designed several models of toys: little monsters, strange animals and kind of steampunk creations.They are a cross between the characters of vintage sci-fi pulp books, elements of new steampunk creations and something from a Jules Verne’s book. It’s tough to describe them, but that’s the image which come to my mind the first time I saw the Professor Whistlecraft’s astounding Incendiary Automaton. (via Custom Toy Lab)

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  1. neroli.108 says:

    Bibi, how charming! I really enjoy visiting here, I always find something wonderful.

  2. Bibi says:

    It’s great to hear that neroli, it seems I’m doing something good. 🙂

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