Biajoni and Alex Castro in São Paulo

Lançamento em São Paulo
Any plans for tonight? If you live in São Paulo, or nearby, why not go to a blogger meeting? It isn’t an “official” blogger meeting, but there will be several known bloggers from the Brazilian blogosphere in the area of São Paulo.
The goal of this event is to promote the books of Biajoni and Alex Castro. The books are Virgínia Berlim, uma experiência, a romance written by Biajoni; Liberal Libertário Libertino and Radical Rebelde Revolucionário, chronicle books written by Alex Castro.
Biajoni talks about the event on his post jornal biajônico and Alex Castro in Lançamento Paulista. If you are planning to buy the books there, take a look at this list. More details about it:
Where: Bar Canto Madalena, Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque, 471, Vila Madalena, São Paulo
When: Today, Saturday, July 21, 2007 at 19h30
Why: To homage the authors, to see and talk with some cool people, to meet the writer of this blog.
And don’t worry much about the time. It starts at 19:30h but it goes all night long. I will not be there very early, but I will be there until late (I’m the weird girl with the red hair). See you there!

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