Beatsploitation in Kookie

Kookie #1, Feb-Apr 1961
It seems there are exploitation materials for all kind of areas: blaxploitation, sexploitation, nazi exploitation and now Beatsploitation. The Beatniks, the stereotypes of the Beat Generation, were the inspiration for the comic book Kookie, published by Dell Comics.

Kookie herself was a square, naive and pretty waitress working at a Bohemian coffee house. […]
‘Kookie’ was created by the beloved John Stanley, of Little Lulu comics fame, in collaboration with artist Bill Williams. In typical Stanley fashion, the stories are fun and well-paced, and characters and situations are vaguely reminiscent of sitcoms. (Though often more entertaining)

It “ran for all of two issues, one came out in 1961 and one in 1962.” The entire 35 pages of the 1st issue of ‘Kookie are available here and the blog I’m Learning To Share! posted several scanned images, including the cover and a complet story,from the second issue. (via Bedazzled)

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