Atari Game Manuals

Atari - Pac-Man
I would like to have played more videogame in my childhood. Just a vaguely thought, based on my knowledge of the games of this set of Atari Game Manuals, with 103 images. I know several by the name, just by the name. I remember to play Astroblast, Asteroids, Pitfall!, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. That’s all. The Atari wasn’t mine and I wasn’t able to finish any of those – I was a bad player. BTW, the worst Atari game ever is on too.
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3 Responses to Atari Game Manuals

  1. Zaratustra says:

    Many of my child hours were spent with pirate 4-game atari cartridges and no way to figure out how to play them.

  2. Sprinkles says:

    My favorite was Ms.Pacman!

  3. Bibi says:

    Ah Pacman… I never finished the first phase! How bad is that? But I’m a great Tetris player.
    Thanks for the comments!

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