Al Hirschfeld

The Marx Brothers by Al Hirschfeld
The American artist Al Hirschfeld studied painting, drawing and sculpture in Paris and London. Back to the U.S. he started working at the New York Herald Tribune, but he gained fame by illustrating the entire casts of various Broadway plays. This partnership started in 1926, when he published his first theatrical caricature.

Hirschfeld’s work represents an uncommon synthesis of the emerging vogue of caricature as a form of experimental portraiture, the evolution of advertising and illustration, and the personal journey of the artist. His art has passed through the crucible of modern design of the 1920s, which was relentlessly urban and decidedly energetic, but is not the consequence of some passing fad or the limitations of his abilities. Rather it is a sustained consolidation of Hirschfeld’s own eclectic experience.

Boris Youjanin, Director of The Blue Blouse
In 2002 the Library of Congress organized an exhibition with his works: Al Hirschfeld, Beyond Broadway. The exhibition featured twenty-five original works donated by the artist in honor of the Library’s Bicentennial.
His official site, has a great gallery with his images art woks, biography and more things. There are several drawings and lithographs of his caricatures in limited edition to take a look. I specially enjoyed those with references to the film universe and the comedy. They are fantastic.
And last, two interesting videos. The video bellow is Al Hirschfeld…The Line King, filmed by Susan Dryfoos. It shows the artist when he was 99 years old, drawing a cartoon of Paul Newman filmed. The other video is NY Big Voice Vlog #11 is a rare and wonderful visit to the artist studio of the late Al Hirschfeld […] his widow, Louise, takes us on the tour.

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