Vintage Posters at Charles Michael Gallery

Au Joyeux Moulin Rouge. Paris du Danse
Charles Michael Gallery has some nice works of art, including paintings and prints, and other objects. However, I’m much more interested in the vintage posters session. Divided in eight categories, from travel and transportation to sports, it’s great collection with fine examples of French Art Nouveau posters and even 1940’s American posters. The best of this collection is that, excluding few examples, I didn’t know the posters. Delightful new posters to explore.
Among a poster for a soap called The Cat, a stunning poster for La Chablisienne, a cute one for 15e. Salon de L’Enfance Jeunesse Families and a scary poster for Onions,which made me very afraid to eat onions again, I had many doubts about what should I post. In the end I got a classic example of print by Alfred Choubrac to the cabaret Moulin Rouge. (via neurastenia)

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