News: 04/01/2007

Americans Defeat Russians in First Space Quidditch Match
Hi guys, I hope you are having a loving night – or day. I selected some interesting news about internet and technology to blog in this amusing day. Let’s go to the latest news.
Astronomy Picture of the Day posted an incredible picture of Americans Defeat Russians in First Space Quidditch Match (image above). But it doesn’t beat Water on Mars.
– Following the steps of several social sites, Slashdot started to use a rating system similar to Digg, but open to everybody – no registry is required. Choose an article and vote. (image)
– From the French site Techno-Science: Découverte d’un miroir gravitationnel: observer la Terre du passé (discovered a gravitational mirror). The text is in French, but the very illustrative image has the text in English.
– Interesting and scary news from Mobile Gazette: Will Mobile Phones Destroy the Earth? The interview with the Professor Dummkopf explains why we should be afraid. (screenshot)
– If you are a Metafilter user don’t forget to visit Ask MetaFilter and help to solve some questions. The doubts could be interesting for non users too.
PC Magazine has a very nice article about Haptics Turns Phones into Weapons.
– The Swedish torrent site The Pirate Bay announced in its blog: Finaly a permanent solution for the hosting. Today we announce that we’re moving some of our servers to the North-Korean Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. (screenshot)
– The Australian on-line community Gush decided to redo Gush as a myspace page because it’s a place where there’s heaps of young people, so they can get so many more people involved! (screenshot)
– The excellent internet and web 2.0 site TechCrunch Has Acquired More details, including the press release on the Techcrunch and Fuckedcompany 2.0 sites. (image)
Reg Hardware, a The Register site, says that Research reveals mislaid microprocessor megahertz. Not only are chip companies regularly releasing ever-faster microprocessors, but new research has revealed that modern CPUs actually lose megahertz over time.
– The Warcraft Universe wiki site, WoWWiki, was redesigned, changed the name to MeoWWiki and it looks much better now! (screenshot)
– This sounds great: New Eco-Friendly Computers, a Sharpened article.
Whirlpool News says Mandatory ISP filtering will block P2P. The federal government has shocked industry by rushing a bill through parliament that will compel ISPs to block all P2P traffic. (screenshot)
Standard Gravitational Lensing

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