Mashup Reader

Mashup Reader
For many times I said to Chris, from Cynical-C Blog, to change the layout of his blog, because it looks too much a guy’s blog. He never gave much attention to my words and kept the guy-not-coloured-layout. Maybe the problem was that he was afraid of the final result of a cute layout with his blog content.
Chris, you don’t need to worry any more. With this new cool tool called Mashup Reader I created a Cynical-box blog. I also try a mix of the content of this blog with Cynical-c style, but the result of that Cynical Bibi wasn’t so good, as I imagined.
That’s a good way to test somebody else’s layout or your favourite site’s layout with your blog’s content before you stole borrow its layout. Mashup Reader is invented as a brand-new RSS feed reader to mashup blogs in a smarter way. Don’t wait: go try it now, because the service will close in April 1 24:00 GMT.

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