Lockwasher’s robots

road runner bird sculpture
When I blogged about Lockwasher Design I had no idea that beyond being a talented designer he was also a vintage robot collector or that he had much more robot sculptures than those presented in his site. His Flickr page shows 10 sets with tons images of his robots, rockets and rayguns creations, and vintage Toy robot heads and space toys.
Some of his wonderful creations: BR2D2, a r2d2 version made with a Heineken; the Flat kat made with found objects; the Oil Yeller dog; Eli, the the aluminium elephant; Ms. Domestic Goddess, the robot; Sir Lube of Can-O-Lot robot; an espresso man robot and Robot Franz also made with found objects as almost all, or all, of his sculptures. (via Look At This)

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2 Responses to Lockwasher’s robots

  1. Chino Yray says:

    wow.. nice junk art. I love his designs.

  2. David says:

    Hello again, I want to congratulate you for your continued service to informing the world of current events in art world and other areas. Your site very much reminds of the brilliant YingZhou, http://www.yequeen.com Keep up the good work.

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