April Fool’s 2007

It’s Sunday – a not blogging day, almost lunch time and I’m tired, just because I had been blogging since yesterday. I’m going to have a break to sleep, and maybe enjoy the rest of this sunny day. However, I have more links of silly stuff to keep you busy:
I Want One Of Those is selling the perfect gift to some of my friends: a RoboGirlfriend. “She” cames in three models: Jolie, with a large assortment of ‘babies’ (activation optional), Ritchie – a smaller model designed for easy storage, or for the vertically-challenged human boyfriends, and Spears – features a number of pre-recorded dance routines, ideal for lovers of the club scene.
MAKE: Blog announced they have decided to relocated the offices from California to Easter Island. The post Easter Island here we come! explains the idea and shows the cover of the new magazine edition.
Technorati shows another meanings to its name, like haterTonic, Tritenacho, heartTonic, Threaticon and others. Just keep reloaing the page to find another meanings.
Yahoo!‘s Yodel Anecdotal announced a new initiative that explores America’s fringe cultures with reporting brought to life with original songs and music: Yahoo! Underground. With videos, photos, slideshows, and blog posts about the world of the weird, the strangely compelling, the land of “who are these people?”
Yahoo! Underground
And much more April Fool’s Day jokes at Wikipedia’s April 1, 2007, Urgo’s 2007 list of April Fools’ Day Jokes on Websites, my April Fool’s Day screen shots set and my bookmarks tagged with "aprilfool" on del.icio.us.
Update: The site is back to normal, since I didn’t receive any offer to my joke.

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