Tony Price

Native Who Sold His Island For A Nuclear Test
Tony Price, aka “Atomic Artist”, was a multi-artist and antinuclear activist. Among his several creations, his most remarkable work are the sculptures, specially the group of primitive-inspired masks created out of scrap metal, many of them based on Hopi kachinas.

Price explained the intended purpose of his alchemic transformation of atomic salvage into iconography of the world’s spiritual and religious traditions as follows: “Objectively, I knew there exist vast energy banks of super-good energy available. For each religion is like a giant capacitor in the fourth dimension, holding and dispersing the energy of its followers. Now all I had to do was create symbols corresponding to the energy banks of these religions, using the material of the nuclear weapons energy system. When the vibrations of the nuclear scrap have been shaped into spiritual energy images, a vibrational tunnel or bridge is formed from the religious energy banks to the nuclear weapons banks, and an automatic balance of energies would be established. These sculptures act as valves, bringing the dark and light energies together to balance and thus hold the peace”.

I’m to sceptic to believe in all this whole story of energy, but for sure he did a fantastic work. (via Rashomon)

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