The Science Fiction Art of H. W. McCauley

Imaginative Tales
It’s very easy win a link from Bibi’s box: you just need to post pretty images of pin-ups. I won’t be able to resist. I noticed my weakness some minutes ago, while I was having a very interesting conversation with my buttons about if I was going to post about Datajunkie‘s The Science Fiction Art of H. W. McCauley or not.
Harold W. McCauley painted dozens of covers for various science fiction magazines and drawn several hundred interior story illustrations. But before starting to work in this area, he already was a science fiction fan. It wasn’t so hard to him joining the two passions. The clever artist also married with one of his beautiful models, as he said in the interview. The sample of five covers of Imaginative Tales and drawings to Other Worlds and Imagination show that probably he was telling the true.

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  1. Perhaps you’d like to post a picture of Louis la Vache’s petite amie:

  2. Bibi says:

    Ah… well, your “girlfriend” is “very pretty”, but unfortunately, she’s not the kind of pin-up I like 😉

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