The Adventures of Rodney Robot

He was frightened. Too frightened to move even.
Via Tastespotting I found a delightful blog Fancy food… and silly stories. Written by Andrea – My Life as a Muffin – the blog has silly and very funny stories about food and great pictures. However, what got my attention was one of her last posts with pictures of muffins and little robot toys: The Continuing Adventures of Rodney Robot: Escape from Planet Sprinkle.
That was just one more episode of the adventures of Rodney, the robot toy. He also starred I scream, you scream.. we all scream for.. watery milk solids? and The Adventures of Rodney Robot: Escape from Planet Sprinkle.. I also have to point to Somewhere over the Rainbow, starred by six very coloured members of “the rainbow sprinkle-ninja squad” and their cupcakes.
Robots dont eat cupcakes
More pictures of food with toys: Mini-Miam, Plastic Fantastic

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