Startling Stories, March 1951
There is never enough pulp books to post. That’s why I would like to invite you to visit the pulp portion of PulpGen. The first reason to take a look there is the biography and bibliography of four pulp fiction author: J. U. Giesy which works appeared in a vast number of magazines included Weird Tales, The Munsey Magazine, Snappy Stories, Droll Stories, Adventure and The Household Magazine; Norvell Page, most known for his The Spider novels; E. Hoffmann Price, who contributed to Weird Tales, Argosy, Adventure and Short Stories among others; and Edmond Hamilton which stories appeared in the pulp magazines from the mid 1920’s – 1950’s, including Weird Tales, Amazing Stories and Startling Stories.
Captain Future
The second good reason: the characters’ pages of Captain Future and The Griffon, with many cover images. And the last, and best, reason: downloadable e-texts of pulp stories. There are 295 stories on-line and 49 more in various states of readiness, from nearly every genre…detective, science fiction, adventure, romance, western, weird menace, sports, aviation, and even finance. All you need is a PDF reader and choose a story to start reading.
The Whisperer - Chinatown Challenge

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3 Responses to PulpGen

  1. Megg says:

    Great find! I used that cover of Startling Stories to design a layout for Quiddity.

  2. soilworker says:

    They in fact have over 800 stories by now! They are adding stories on a weekly basis. So it’s simply the best place for free pulps on the net.

  3. Bibi says:

    Thanks Megg, I knew you have a great taste. 😉
    Hi soilworker, 800 stories? Wow! I just wanted to have more time and a better monitor to enjoy those things.

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