Photographing Squirrels

Buddy and his Argus 75
Taking advantage of the super curiosity of squirrels, Scott Alan Johnson created Photographing Squirrels: a series of pictures of squirrels with cameras, just because they couldn’t resist to check what was that. Those photogenic creatures are also at the Flickr set with the same name: Photographing Squirrels. The photos are starred by Buddy, Sam, Margy, Spottina, Arny, Boris, Timkin, Pops, Ms. Chipmunk, Boyd and many other squirrels. Fantastic! (FlickrBlog)

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2 Responses to Photographing Squirrels

  1. David says:

    Cool squirrels. We have some really domesticated squirrels here in San Diego as well. Especially near La Jolla where the tourist gather. Thanks for sharing. David

  2. Bibi says:

    My pleasure David! There aren’t any squirrels here, so it’s always nice find some pictures with them.

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