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News Sketches by Max Fleischer
The Austrian-American animator Max Fleischer and his brother Dave Fleischer made an amazing contribution to the history of animation. Max created the Rotoscoping process of animation, founded the Fleischer Studios with his brother and left us a wonderful group of unforgivable characters: Betty Boop, Koko the Clown, Popeye and his 1940’s Superman to cartoons.
For our happiness – mine at least, almost all of his works are in the public domain and I have been posting about them since I discovered that, last year. If you missed any them, take a look at Superman Cartoons, Finding His Voice, In My Merry Oldsmobile, Now You’re Talking and Betty Boop Cartoons, that was updated a week ago. I added two new cartoons to it Betty in Blunderland, the adventures of Betty Boop in Wonderland, and the unique Betty Boop’s cartoon animated by Fleischer in colours, Poor Cinderella, a version of Cinderella story.

One of my latest finds was the excellent Max Fleischer News Sketches. This short animation shows the impressive talent of Fleischer to create humorous sketches with news, which sounds bizarre. He plays with the drawings themselves and he also creates a kind of suspense while the news are announced. This one of his works to Jam Handy’s productions, whose works include several cartoons to Chevrolet. Max Fleischer headed Handy’s animation department in the mid 1940’s and 1950’s. The animation is available at Internet Archive to watch and download.

Watch the Fleischer’s cartoons directly at Videos with Bibi: Superman Famous Studios’ Cartoons, Superman Famous Studios’ Cartoons – II, Gulliver’s Travels, Betty Boop Cartoons: 1932, Betty Boop Cartoons: 1933, Betty Boop Cartoons: 1934 – 1935, Betty Boop Cartoons: 1936 – 1937, Betty Boop Cartoons: 1938 – 1939, The Cobweb Hotel, Dave and Max Fleischer short animations I, short animations II, short animations III and short animations IV.

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    I love the Fleischers!
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  3. Bibi says:

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