Museum of Russian Poster

What the October Revolution has given to the worker and peasant women
The Museum of Russian Poster has an amazing on-line collection of images. There are almost two thousand of vintage and new posters, divided in seven categories: advertising,agitational, entertainment, military, movies, social and others. This is an excellent collection for its artistic and historical content. It’s a incredible visual registry, since 1980‘s. It’s one of those worth places to bookmark and visit from time to time.
The insurance society Russia. The insurance of passengers
More reasons to visit it: posters by Vladimir Vladimirovich Majakovskij , Alexander Mikhajlovich Rodchenko, Vladimir Avgustovich Stenberg and Georgij Avgustovich Stenberg. Looking at their posters you will notice how fresh and actual they look, even eight years after. They made part of a new “revolutionary” generation that helped to change a country, changing the graphic art and art itself.
Lendiz: The books on all spheres of knowledge
More Russian posters: Posters of the Russian Civil War, Znachki and Old Russian Propaganda Posters.

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