Mondo Urania

Cristalli Sognanti
Published by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore since October 10, 1952, the Italian magazine Urania is the longest life science fiction series published in Italy. The site Mondo Urania has an amazing collection with tons of Urania covers, resumes and and its spin-off series.
Some of the collections of series available there: Urania Argentoa monthly series started in 1995 with impressive covers by Oscar Chichoni; Urania Blu – four editions with Isaac Asimov’s articles; Urania Fantasywas a monthly series dedicated to fantasy titles; and Urania Collezionestarted in 2003 and is still monthly outgoing.
Don’t forget to check the first covers of original Urania, if you enjoy the classic pulp book covers.

First covers were by Carlo Jacono and Kurt Caesar, but the «golden era» of the magazine was marked by the renowned Dutch painter Karel Thole, who introduced his unparalleled, bizarre medley of surrealism, horror, classical citations and sense of humour. Other outstanding cover artists who worked for Urania were Vicente Segrelles from Spain (1988-1991) and Oscar Chichoni from Argentina (1990s). Current cover artist is Franco Brambilla.

La Città Perduta

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