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Dalek and Fourth Doctor doll
From time to time this blog receives visits of people searching for Daleks. Those incredible extraterrestrial mutant creatures from Doctor Who series are much more popular that I imagined. The first time I made a post about the Daleks I had no idea that it wouldn’t be enough to cover it. Then, a while after, I saw a very nice tutorial of How to Make a Dalek and IR Control Daleks.
Of course that wasn’t enough. Every time there are new stuff about them: crochet and more crochet Daleks (via Quiddity), Dalek cakes and many other kind of related Dalek stuff that fans collect. For fans it’s never enough. And to keep you busy for a while, here is a list of tutorials to you make your own Dalek. Chose the material and start working:
Robotic Dalek Pumpkin
Building a Robotic Dalek Pumpkin: a neat tutorial from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories for those with more talents, that only cut and paste. It requires an arduous work but it worth it.
Build your own tiny Dalek army: an easy tutorial, with a PDF version including a Dalek skin, from RMIT University to build a Dalek using very easy to find materials.
DalekCity presents the history of Daleks and some steps of more elaborated models. But the webmaster must be exterminate, since the site just works on IE.
Dalek Chocolate Cake: with a lot of labour, patience, chocolate cookies and chocolate you will make a delicious Dalek to be exterminate as soon as you finish it.
– Two tutorials from Scary-Crayon: Genesis of the Homemade Daleks: Part 1 and Part 2. The first tutorial demands some materials very easy to be find, some creativity and time. The second it’s even more easier, with coloured Dalek patterns, which original template can be found at The Ultimate Dalek Factory.
Paper Daleks

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    Thanks for the link, Bibi! It’s always good to spread the Dalek love. 🙂

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