Rolitoboy Mini: Clear Mind
The toy junkie, web designer and “amateur” photographer Charmaine Noellie, aka Junko Natsumi, shows her excellent work which joins her two passions at Junkoseven. Presenting her photographic works, there are three series: The Pony Project, Urban Medium & Spider, and Itokin Park. The last one is my cup of tea, with great pictures of little robots, dolls, graphics, plastic and plush toys.
She also photographed a series with an army of lovely small toys called Tofu Robots, created by Tofu from Spicy Brown. Based on that set I formulated three theories: or the toys are very photogenic, or she is really good taking pictures, or both. Get your own conclusions checking her work. (via Urban Retro Lifestyle)
BTW, talking about Urban Retro Lifestyle, they celebrate their first year with a special treat to readers: two Free “Speakerdog” Toy paper models. Go get them.
Retro Speakerdog
More photographic essays with toys: McCarty PhotoWorks, Hey Little Girl, The Adventures of Rodney Robot, Kita Usagi, LEGO Beatles Covers and Vignettes, Mini-Miam and Plastic Fantastic.

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