John Held Jr.

Life cover by John Held Jr.
The American illustrator John Held Jr. is most known his several works for cover of magazines like Judge, College Humor and Life. In addition to his archetypical flapper illustrations, during the same time Held also did cartoons in a 19th century woodcut style, in a bit of satirical nostalgia.
His other works included woodcut cartoons and faux maps to The New Yorker and comics. Merely Margy is one his creations: it started as a cartoon and become a comics in 1930.
His cheerful works were the subject of a delightful post at ASIFA Pinups: John Held Jr.. It’s illustrated with few of his covers to Life and illustrations to articles. His pin-ups aren’t the kind of pin-up I enjoy, per example the gorgeous woman illustrated by Alberto Vargas, that was also the subject of other ASIFA post (Playboy’s Alberto VargasNSFW). However, his illustrations are remarkable and I enjoyed them. According to Stephen Worth, His style and subject matter defined the “Jazz Age” of the 1920s.
More about him here, here, here, here.

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    If you like Eldon Dedini, I just posted a whole bunch of satyr and nymph cartoons along with a video interview with him made shortly before he died.

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