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Almost all the blogs I read have RSS and that’s why I read them. It’s easy, and it saves me time. It would be crazy to open more than 200 blogs everyday and check all the last posts, rolling down the page… Too complicated. That’s why I just go to my Bloglines account and read the last updates.
The truth is: I don’t read all the text of all the feeds I have there. My focus goes to the title of the post and images. If I like them, I read the whole post. I don’t think it’s fair that some blogs don’t provide the complete post in RSS, or most of it. Do they want more visits? Ok, but surely they are losing some readers. I love visits, but I’m also very glad to have my feed readers, because I’m one of them.
I’m writing this because I discovered that some of you aren’t happy, since you don’t have images. And since this is basically a blog of images what am I doing? Well, I didn’t plan these problems, it just happened. I had to ask to the webmaster block the use of images from my blog in other sites, because there were some hotlinkers using the images from this blog and I pay for the bandwidth, so I thought that wasn’t very nice. Not all sites are blocked, some feed reader sites and some others are allowed to show images directly.
However, I don’t know all the feed readers available and some you are still without images. So, if you read the RSS feeds from this blog and you can’t see the images, please post a comment in this post or send me an email ( bibisbox [at] gmail [dot] com) telling me which feed aggregator / reader do you use, to allow it to show the image. Thanks for your attention.

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7 Responses to Images on the RSS

  1. Laura Moncur says:

    I think the main reason people don’t allow full RSS feeds is because of thievery. There are splog bots out there stealing our content and reposting it as their own. At least with partial RSS, the full text isn’t stolen.
    P.S. I use Bloglines and the images are coming in loud and clear. Good work!

  2. homero says:

    I completely agree with you, it doesn’t make sense to try to attract readers by showing only part of your entries in RSS feeds.
    I read your blog through Google Reader, and it displays nicely your posts, with all the images.
    Saludos from Chile!

  3. regine says:

    totally agree with you! not allowing images or full text on the RSS feed is a bit selfish. last year i removed from my feed all the blogs with an incomplete feed. and you know what? i don’t miss them at all.

  4. peacay says:

    That’s an important lesson – have useful post titles.
    I’m exactly the same with bloglines – scan the entries, read the ones that look interesting and visit the sites sometimes.

  5. Leia Beigler says:

    Voce tem razao sobre os feeds.Estou providenciando colocar RSS em meu blog.
    Seu blog continua otimo,votei nele.
    ja pus varios comentarios,mandei salvar e sempre ped os dados novamente.Sorry.

  6. hongcgi says:

    I use RSS feeds in my blog.

  7. Bibi says:

    Well Laura, I had some problems with people using the images directly from my blog and posting the same content, without the text and some times with some changes. They always find a new way to stole the content. :-/
    Thanks for readiang my blog Homero! 🙂
    Yes Régine, it demands much more time and I started to stop reading them. I don’t have time to check each one going to the site. Thanks for reading my blog. 😉
    Hi Paul, good titles are always useful. Mine could be better, but I prefer keep the name of the artists, “give” the whole content and the images.
    Oi Léia, obrigada pelo voto e pelo comentário. Os comentários estão mais tranquilos agora, e mesmo que você caia na caixa de spam eu te salvo. Depois de fechar todas as entradas antigas, e continuar fechando as mais recentes o spam diminuiu drasticamente por aqui. Qualquer problema mande um email.
    Hi hongcgi, good for you!

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