Friday Cat Furniture

Cat Castle - Modular Cat Playground
Friday is allowed to post about cats: funny pictures, animations and other curious stuff. And big pictures of cats, and nothing more, for a huge group of cat lovers. I never planned to post big pictures of cats and nothing else on Fridays, because I’m afraid of some angry reactions of dog’s lovers. My plan was use Fridays as an excuse to post some cool stuff of cats as theme.
Per example, cat furniture. Cat Castle – Modular Cat Playground (above) is funnier than most of inside toys for children. I don’t have money or even space for something for that huge playgorund, but I’m sure my cats would love to explore it. If you have cats and love that, take a look at their Super Cat Hotel too. (via
Fill In The Cat
Or furniture with cats, and birds. The fabulous pieces above is a project by Ricardo Casas, Héctor Esrawe, Emiliano Godoy, Cecilia León de la Barra and Óscar Núñez. The blocks filled with cats and birds silhouettes are transformed in shelves, chairs and tables. (via Coisas)

The pieces suggest a continuous play between interaction and representation, where daily use generates a continuously changing story: a cat that reads Italo Calvino, a book filled with coins, a living room where birds come to eat the cake’s crumbles.

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