Friday Cat Blogging: Videos II

Red Tango
Cat to Exit: a crazy 3D animation feature by an orange cat the stole the fish of table of two old Japanese.
Chimpanzee Washing Cat: a vintage video of a Chimpanzee using a towel to clean a Siamese cat. If that was my Siamese cat, the monkey wouldn’t survive so long.
Couscous the Cat: A sleazy cat on the prowl faces a new reality after he has been de-sexed.
From ExpertVillage, Cat Training & Obedience Techniques: twelve short videos with tips to try to train your cat. I watched all and discovered that the techniques just will work better if you start soon with your cat, as a kitty. This means that almost nothing can help me anymore.
NBC‘s Saturday Night Live: Laser Cats. There are two things that everyone loves, cats and lasers!
The Dirty Birdy: an annoying crazy bird, Purdy, fall in love for a blue cat, Fergurina, and do everything to get her attention. Non-sense funny animation with cartoon violence. (Uploaded by Nicosite)
Red Tango is a neat short animation with two cats dancing. Animation by Scotty Arsenault, to the site of his friend Cynthia Petrovic, that also directed it. BTW, don’t miss her beautiful illustrations of cats.
Wiskas Russian Ad: a nice commercial of a cat walking in the snow. Just this.
And more 42 videos with cats at Koreus.
The Dirty Bird
More videos and Animations of cats: Felix The Cat, More Felix Cartoons, Private Life of a Cat and Friday cat blogging videos.

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