Frank Buchwald

Frank Buchwald | Nr. 01

The German artist Frank Buchwald creates amazing lamps. His stunning “machine lights” look like a piece from Metropolis, a crossing of vintage and a futuristic style. He has been working on light objects since 2002:

For me, the idea of the machine lights developed over many years of dealing with the nature of modern technology, especially the mechanical artifacts of the industrial age. It is associated for me with the realization that an independent reality which withdraws itself from human access, exists behind the manifest appearances of mechanical objects and secretly determines the world of the machines. …
[…]The individual models were not designed spontaneously in a moment of inspiration. It was rather a long groping for a hard to comprehend meaningful form. … It took a long time until the moment was reached in which I could say that the designs were moving in the right direction. And it was long path until first prototypes were ready about which I could say: yes, now it is right. – It is a sublime moment when you realize: I have arrived and am no longer off target…

I have no idea of how I would change the light bulb, but I would love to have a kind-of-spider-lamp like the one above. (via Gizmodo)

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