Fifi and Bibi Poubelle

Fifi and Bibi Poubelle by Daniel Chavira
The twins Vera and Barbara Duffy, aka “Gemelas Poubelles”, aka “Les Maids Mecontentes”, and most known as Fifi and Bibi Poubelle are burlesque performers and luchardoras. They starred a series of pictures as French maids, luchadoras, in the dream land and films. It’s just a small part of their site. One of the nice pages to explore is Les Luchardoras that has a vast collection of pictures of their performances at Lucha Va VOOM! and other events. (via Pez)
PS.: just a funny curiosity: the pretty French word poubelle means trash can.

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3 Responses to Fifi and Bibi Poubelle

  1. peacay says:

    So that’s what you do when you’re not blogging!!
    I will think of you differently from now on. And often. ‘- )

  2. Magicomora says:

    I´m in Love

  3. Bibi says:

    Hi Paul,
    So that’s what you do when you’re not blogging!!
    Me? No, because I don’t have a twin sister. 🙂 And maybe because my surname sounds more Italian than French. 😉

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