Fergus Ray Murray

Kitty destroy Cthulhu
Via WikiHow I discovered how to make polymer clay cats and the fantastic universe of clay sculpture creatures of Fergus Ray Murray, aka Oolong. Thanks to him, now I’m with an irresistible wish to buy pots clay of clay to to make that clay cat. Maybe make a series of them, and shot my own claymation film. Or a clay dodo!
Many of his clay creations are cats, however, there are lots of other lovely creations: dogs, lizards, beavers, monsters, elephants, dragons, frogs, dinosaurs, turtles, lions, caterpillars, penguins, bats, fishes and other creatures – but no dodos. Murray has a great and remarkable style. Don’t wait for the very detailed works of Aardman: his clay creations are simple, almost minimalistic and brilliant.
Kitty Want Food
PS.: it’s Friday… that’s why there are so many cats in this post. Please, don’t blame.

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  1. Gracinha de esculuras… ;p

  2. Bibi says:

    É, eu gostei delas. Depois de vê-las me deu uma vontade danada de comprar massinha para brincar. 🙂

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