Datajunkie Pulp-o-rama

Infinity Science Fiction - August
Last month Datajunkie made a very good Pulp-o-rama post with a collection of scanned covers of magazines like Great Science Fiction, Infinity Science Fiction, IF – Worlds of Science Fiction, Worlds of Tomorrow, The Original Science Fiction Stories, Satellite Science Fiction, Science Fiction Adventures, All-Time Greats Science Fiction Classics, Space Adventures, Thrilling Science Fiction and Spaceway. I think you already guessed the theme.
More reasons to take a look, in his words: Some cool work by Vaughan Bode, Alex Shomburg, Hannes Bok, Virgil Finlay, Jack Gaughan, Ed Emshwiller and more, including a bunch of those pretty shoddy reprints of Ziff-Davis material from the 70’s that are fondly remembered… by me at least!

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