AnimaBoom Winners

The winners of AniBOOM Awards 2006 were announced weeks ago. Among the 1,700 entries from 70 countries submitted to the contest there are many so-so works and there are also some little pearls that worth the visit. A good way to start exploring the site is checking the winners:
Beton by Ariel Belinco and Michael Faust won the prize for best drama. The day to day life of a military world is disturbed by the appearance of a black kite behind its high walls. The army annoyed by the existence of this kite in its clear blue sky, decides to solve the problem. It’s brilliant.
Chaos Theory by Conspiracy was the winner in the experimental category. “One Constant Remains.” An up-tempo, high-energy journey through various representations of entropy – all compressed into a 64 kilobyte executable.
Mr. Fortune by Eric Lerner won in the category Music Videos. It’s another beautiful day in the life of Mr. Fortune, an example to us all of how to live a zen existence. With music by Ariel Einfeld, Eric Lerner used the 3D animating program Maya together with Digital Video.
– The Grand Prize went to the excellent silhouette style animation Bendito Machine by Jossie Malis. It’s a modern tale about power, religion, sex and money.
– The winner for the category funny was Humans! by Three Legged Legs. I talked about it before, but it’s never enough say that it’s a wonderful animation.It’s a 60 second global awareness PSA sensationalizing the excessive, all-consuming nature of the human being. This cute and naïve Earth stands no chance against such an insatiable parasite. Witness its utter demise in a fun and sickening kind of way.
– They had also curious category named crapy, which winner was Back In Bush!, a parody of AC/DC’s “Back in Black” by Anita Drieseberg. Rock on with George Bush and lead guitarist Dickie C as they try for a record THIRD term in office! Don’t underestimate it, it’s really nice if you don’t agree with Bush’s politics.
Bendito Machine

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