World Press Photo 2007

Man rinses his face after gas pipeline explosion by Akintunde Akinleye
The winners of World Press Photo 2007 were announced today.The American photographer Spencer Platt won with his registry of “Young Lebanese drive through devastated neighborhood of South Beirut, 15 August”. The launch of the 2007 exhibition tour will be on 24 April in the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam. While you wait for it take a look at the amazing shots at the Winners gallery 2007. The photo above is Spot News’ 1st prize shoted by Akintunde Akinleye in Nigeria, 26 December.
PS.: I’m going to start my contribution to Friday Cat Blogging with the Nature’s first prize: a Serval cat at the Zakouma National Park, Chad by Michael Nichols.
Serval cat

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