Will it Blend?

Super Bowl Conference Blend-Off
I have a blender, not a powerful one, but it works fine. It doesn’t blend magnets, or nutcrackers, or marbles, not even Cassette Tapes, but I’m fine. Blendtec sells blenders that do those things and much more.
Blendtec says its blenders are not our average blenders, so its sales method isn’t your regular one too. They created a site to demonstrate all the power of those blenders through videos: Will It Blend?. Ok, until you start checking the links to the videos above, including my favourite session: Don’t Try This At Home. I didn’t get it: the coolest videos, those that made me wish the blender, are just examples of what it can do, but there is a warning not try that at home. So why do they show them at all? Just to make me want to do that at home?
Light Bulbs
There are also videos with safe suggestions, at the Try This At Home page. Coffee, credit cards and Ice Into Snow ans some of them. Nice… but how about the “barbies” blended? I’m not the only one that wants to destroy things with a blender: their most popular videos are the not safe at home, destroying all kinds of stuff. And you can always suggest new stuff to be blended and follow their last videos by Will It Blog? blog of RSS feed.
Since the things I wanted to do if I had that blender aren’t advisable, I would like to see videos of some normal stuff, as smoothie recipes, or how to recycle paper using a blender. Of course, this kind of stuff won’t be popular, however, they will let me do that at home. BTW, I found this craziness at YouTube a while ago.

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