Vintage Children’s Books Scans by Martin Klasch

Jim, Jock and Jumbo #9
P-E Fronning, from Martin Klasch blog, uploaded scanned images of three lovely books at his Flickr set Children’s Books. His last addition to the set was Jim, Jock and Jumbo, a children’s book published in New York in 1946. The book was illustrated by Swedish artist Einar Norelius. The other two books are: a book about Papier-mâché and Människornas land, a Danish book with illustrations of children and puffins.
After enjoy the cheerful images of those vintage books go to explore the Ephemera and other printed matter, with 75 delightful images also scanned by him. Pretty ads from Swedish, American and German magazines, posters, music sheet covers and prints. According to him, the illustration bellow is a Swedish classic: simple and brilliant. I loved it.

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