Videos With Bibi

Videos with Bibi
Before somebody asks me “Where the heck have you been”, let me tell you that I have some good answers. First I will blame carnival and all the laziness and the idea of a short vacation that it gives us. Second, I will blame the hot weather: I can’t think in any temperature over 28ºC (82ºF) and in the last few days the hell visited us with 30 and something. Third reason: let me blame a French test that made me study all day on the day before it.
And finally, there is Videos with Bibi. You might guess that blogs don’t sprout from nowhere. I had to choose the layout, change templates, test stuff, ask for help, fix some stuff, put other things to work and search for a default entry. Part of the fault for my having created this blog belongs to P-E Fronning. He suggested creating a new blog to show the videos I have been uploading at Google Video since the beginning of last year.
My first reaction was “no, no way”. I didn’t need more reasons to wast more time on-line. But after reflecting for some days, I finally decided to do it. A lot of people have been posting them, mostly without credit and with no direct links to the videos. And since I was already uploading them, and I have a huge collection on-line, the blog wouldn’t be as much work.
I’m not the most normal person I know, and that’s why the posts have something more that just the videos embed. Don’t expect for reviews, comments or anything like that. I will keep it just like it is now: a summary, the video embed, a link to film at IMDb, to its article at Wikipedia, to where you can buy it and download it (if available), and the names of director, actors and minutes. That’s all.
But what is Videos with Bibi? It’s a daily blog with videos of films, ephemeral, vintage commercials, animations, cartoons, series and short films public domain, and videos that aren’t in public domain, but which can be shared. A second suggestion of P-E Fronning was a long and a short film, and that is more or less how it works. I won’t post tons of films, it’s just a daily dose of entertainment and I fixed 2 hours as good enough to expend in front of the computer.
You will find a post of 5 or less videos of series or cartoons, a long film and a short film with the subject, or actor or directed by the same person, or some films from the same period, or a film and its trailer. And to try to satisfy everybody almost all the genres (availble) will be posted. Critics, comments and suggestions are welcome. I just have to fix some “obscure” templates, but all the “rest” works.
So, if you are interested in knowing Videos with Bibi, start with the first post: Rashomon (Videos with Bibi). I hope you enjoy and sign the feed
Videos with Bibi

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