Valentine’s Day Linkdump

Happy Valentines Day by Dan Goodsell
For all of you that celebrate… a happy Valentine’s Day. I won’t celebrate, but that isn’t an excuse to not blog about it – it never was. And that’s why I made a selection of links to all the romantic souls that read this blog, or that are just searching for pretty Valentine’s day images.
A Sampler of things with happy Valentine’s day through his posts: Valentines Day Card, More Valentines Wishes, Vintage Valentines and Happy Valentines Day.
Craftbits have a good list of Valentines Day Crafts: 20 Valentine’s cards ideas, crochet hearts, Valentines Day survival kit, jar of hugs & kisses, and much more.
CRAFT blog has a Valentine’s Day Card Contest and Inspirational Links. If you want to join in you’ve got until this Friday at 5pm PST to get your entries in for the “Recycle Your Heart” CRAFT Valentine’s Day Card Contest. Made you craft including some sort of recycled goods in your card, and submit it at The CRAFT Pool.
Google logo: Valentine's day 2007
Google’s Valentine’s day logo of this year looks yummy – Official Google Blog explains the logo. Melted chocolate just could be better with ice-cream! Anyway, the previous Valentine’s Google logos: 2005, 2004, 2003, 2001 – and a Heart, 2000 – and that Heart.
Love in the stacks is a nice post of the blog of the Digital Library Services from The University of Iowa Libraries pointing to highlights of their Valentine’s day collection.
Many Faces of Valentine’s Day: Love and romance through the ages, presented by the Virtual Museum of Canada. An excellent on-line exhibition with many images of vintage Valentine’s cards, images and ephemera.
– Send some love with fd’s Flickr Toys, creating a a customized Valentine’s day card from you to your contacts. I did one for the last valentine’s day.
– The Firefox‘s maniacs have a very coloured card full of hearts to send from Spread Firefox.
Leap Year Postcard
– The Woodland Park Zoo offers four Valentine’s Day Greeting E-Card with pretty pictures of animals.
WikiHow explains How to Make Valentine’s Day More Meaningful and How to French Kiss. What? Who needs to learn how to kiss? Eleven-year-old teenagers?
Will it Blend? shows what you can do with annoying Valentine gift. Actually they said to not try this at home: too bad.
YouTube also celebrates the Valentine’s day with Dump Cupid video cards. Strange stuff.
And to those are so lovely as I am, a nice Wikipedia article about St. Valentine’s Day massacre.
When You Play in the Game of Love
More about Valentine’s day: Flying Pig, Zombie Valentine, Recipes to Valentines’ Day, The Comic Valentine of mid-Victorian England, How-to Fold Paper Roses, A Flowering of Affection, For your Valentines’ day, Valentines Book of Styles: a better use for furniture and Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Chris says:

    But is it Google or Googe?

  2. Bibi says:

    A Googe Google maybe. 🙂

  3. P-E Fronning says:

    Happy Valentines Day, Bibi!

  4. Where’s the letter “l” in the 2007 Valentine Google logo? It looks like “goo e”. That’s funny. goooooo eeee!

  5. Bibi says:

    Thanks P-E! For you too!
    Yep, weird Googe 😉

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