Tilt-shift miniature fakes

Swimming Pool Fake Miniature by Martin Hartland
My friend Adriano is an addict. The good part is that he has taken the first step and recognized that he has a problem. He promised he will try to stop making Tilt-shift miniature fakes all the time.And since he has been using this very nice tutorial posted in the group to make Tilt-shift miniatures using GIMP, the second step is to delete it from his computer.
He’s not the only one. There are at least 2,589 other people that have that same problem: make Photoshop fakes of ‘miniature’ scenes as if they were taken with a real tilt-shift lens. Some of those use tutorials like Fake model photography to create those photos using Photoshop.
Adriano wasn’t the first case. ?evin was also an addict last year, and was through his Flickr photoset that I discovered this curse. And that’s not the end of it, there are more groups at Flickr like this one that is spreading it: Tilt-Shift 1-2 Miniatures and Tilt Shift. Even though I know the danger, I think I will give it a try. People who do this look so cool…
Mayrhofen in miniature by Maciek Szczepaniak
PS.: photos by Martin Hartland and Maciek Szczepaniak.

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