Thomas Allen

Uncovered by Thomas Allen

The Foley Gallery shows that there is something even cooler than pulp fiction: the works of the American photographer Thomas Allen. He creates some incredible pulp fiction dioramas. (via Spy’s Spice)

Allen gently cuts around the shape of his figures, physically releasing them from their two dimensional surface. They are brought to life from their pages and covers with detailed lighting and a thin focus. Pulled and positioned, their intended drama comes to life.
In his newest body of work, Allen explores more detailed narratives involving love triangles and relationships accentuated with moments of voyeurism, homoeroticism, and unrequited love.
The book set-ups are more complex and more naughty than previously presented. Multiple books act as separate characters interacting with each other to form relationships and stories about love and lust. In “Wish”, a demure and uncertain teenage girl appears in the foreground, displaying an expression of longing. Behind her, slightly out of focus, is an older couple entangled in a romantic encounter.

Viewfinder by Thomas Allen

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